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Shipping Details

Please make yourself familiar with these important shipping details before ordering.  
  • Our products take between 2 and 10 days to arrive.  You can find the shipping range information included in the product descriptions of each item in our store.  
  • We only ship to the Contiguous USA except for items in our Custom Collection.  They can be shipped worldwide!
  • Depending on which items you buy, they may or may not arrive in the same shipment or package.  We have several warehouses but you will receive tracking information for each one. 
  • We make it a priority to source our products in the United States though you might receive one coming from overseas.  
  • Please note that most items shipped from overseas arrive with no issue but there is always the possibility of them getting delayed by customs.  
  • Once your items have been processed you will receive an email notification when your order has shipped with tracking information.
Amazon Affiliate Products
  • These items could have different shipping times and you will see the details when you click on the See on Amazon button in their product details.
Backstock Items
  • We work hard to insure that items are in stock, or listed as 'out of stock' on our website.  If demand of an item increases beyond our expectations, and you order an out of stock item, we will contact you by email.  You will have an option to cancel the order, or wait until it is has been restocked.  Most back-stocked items will be back in stock within 7-10 days though some corsets may take up to 14 days. 
Happy shopping!!